Shoot your own flawless wedding film

using your cameraphone

Get Adrian's Top 5 Key Moments

to help you shoot your own flawless wedding film using your cameraphone.

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Using our SelfieWed method and the latest technology you can master the art of filmmaking to capture your magical day.


Today the wedding video has evolved

from an optional extra, to being the most accurate, authentic expression of your special day.

Hi, I’m Adrian Stone, film director and founder of The Dreamcatchers and creator of SelfieWed.


Having filmed over 800 weddings during the past 15 years I’ve discovered couples routinely face three big challenges with regards to wedding videography:

1 Budgeting for visual media

With the wedding rapidly approaching,
couples suddenly realise the only thing left reminding them of their magical day (sometimes a culmination of years of preparation and planning) is their visual media - but they no longer have any budget left to include a videographer.

2 Amateur results

A well-meaning friend or family member insists on filming their wedding, despite never filming one before and the end result reflects their amateur – if enthusiastic – status.

3 Videographer cancellations

Weeks, or sometimes days before their wedding, their videographer cancels.

My solution to these challenges couples face has been to create: SelfieWed.

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50 Key Moments PDF


Get your list of 50 Key Moments for Civil, Church and Jewish Weddings that will enable you to film your flawless wedding film with your cameraphone.

SelfieWed Package


Get your list of 50 Key Moments for Civil, Church and Jewish Weddings, Instructional PDFs and example films that will enable you to film your flawless wedding film with your cameraphone.

Need editing done for you?

SelfieWed Editing Package


Let me edit your video footage for you.

It's a timeless

of the most special day in your life.


The SelfieWed Method is essentially a wedding day, deconstructed.

It’s a step-by-step roadmap jampacked with video tutorials and a check-list of 50 essential filming moments to capturing and conveying an authentic reflection of your special day, in a truly professional manner.

The recent advances in technology, make it now possible to film your wedding using your iPhone or Android device with minimal hassle and no loss of quality.

Tell your story with style and discretion

I’ve used real world footage from some of the magnificent weddings I’ve had the privilege of filming at five star locations around London, including Claridge’s, Coworth Park and the Mandarin Oriental, to illustrate the moments you need to capture, how to film them, why they are important and how they will be used in the final edit to weave a wonderful, cinematic story.

Kelly Hunt, Events Manager & Wedding Specialist Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park

"The Dreamcatchers is one of my favourite choices for videography.

Our couples getting married at Mandarin Oriental always want the best from their suppliers and Adrian definitely provides that! Professional and Discreet plus great editing, highly recommended."

Adrian Stone,

founder of Europe’s leading wedding film studio:The Dreamcatchers and founder and managing director of Stoneworks Productions, a creative production partner has brought together his years of experience and unparalleled talent, filming and producing content for London’s most prestigious and exclusive clients – both private and public – to create SelfieWed. The first product of its kind to show couples how to film their wedding, using their camera phone.


For just £147

You’ll receive my 15 years’ experience of filming and editing over 10 000 hours of weddings and private events at Italian castles, French chateaux, all the five star hotels in and around London, footballers’ weddings at Blenheim Palace and royalty at Windsor Castle. I am also a recommended wedding videographer in Tatler’s 2017 & 2018 wedding guide.

All this,
for the
1 must-have


Using the SelfieWed Method, you can create a beautiful, authentic wedding video, without having to break the bank; the budding cinematographers in your family can now be turned into bonafide experts, and you can sleep easy knowing you won’t be let down at the last minute by your videographer.

On average, a wedding video costs around £1500, so think of the huge savings you’ll make by choosing SelfieWed – more money to spend on your honeymoon!

50 Key moments ICON-05

"Moments you need to capture... to weave a wonderful, cinematic story. "

How to use the


in 5

easy steps

Step 1


which of the 50 wedding moments you’d like filmed using our PDF checklist and video examples.

Step 2


three friends to undertake the SelfieWed filming. See our "how to allocate Moviemakers" notes.

Step 3


each Moviemaker the PDF checklist and the video examples of the moments they’ll be responsible for filming.

Step 4


your gear and decide which gadgets to purchase. See our “gadgets cheat sheet”.

Step 5


your content to DropBox and edit your masterpiece using our SelfieWed editing template with freely available software or let us do it for you. Our editing packages start at £397.

Get Adrian's Top 5 Key Moments

to help you shoot your own flawless wedding film using your cameraphone.

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FAQ Frequently Asked

1. What made you create SelfieWed?

My “ah ha” moment happened last year while lming a Chelsea footballer’s wedding: all the bridesmaids had their phones in their hands for almost the entire wedding, capturing every moment of the day. At that moment, I envisioned a future where it would be commonplace for couples to use their friends and family, to not only lm their wedding, but also to photograph it. I thought, why not use my years of experience to create a product that will help them do it? I also recalled that throughout the wedding season, I invariably receive calls from brides a few weeks before their wedding day, deciding at the last moment to have their wedding lmed but they know longer have any budget left! As I’m always booked up by then, I thought I’d create something to help them.

2. Why just get the 50 key moments PDF’s?

For most couples, planning a wedding is a unique, rst time experience

and it’s a huge learning curve understanding all the elements that can make up a wedding day. Even if you are not planning on having your wedding lmed, youwillgleanahugeamountof ideas and tips that can make your big day, even more amazing!

I also meet clients who want to invite friends to capture their wedding, rather than an of cial photographer. You can use the 50 Key Moments to show your friends what they need to photograph.

3. Can our friends who have no experience, pull this off?

Absolutely. The biggest challenge to lming a wedding, is knowing what to capture. At the very heart of Sel eWed, are our very own, 50 Key Moments. I’ve deconstructed a wedding day into the top 50 moments that make a wedding lm remarkable.

I’ve distilled years of experience into an easily understood method. After watching the example videos and using the checklist provided, your friends will know exactly what to capture. I also explain how to distribute the lming duties between three friends (moviemakers), ensuring every part of your wedding day is lmed seamlessly.

4. What is the video quality like?

It’s fantastic. I showed footage lmed on my iPhone 7 and footage filmed  on my £8000 pro Canon camera, to clients and they couldn’t tell the difference! Only in very low light situations can you see the difference in quality. Check out our example films all shot using the iPhone 7 and see if you can tell the difference!

5. Do we need to use the latest phones?

Yes. Check out our Phone Tech PDF for a list of the latest phones. Apple have released the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X which have even better cameras than the iPhone 7. You need to ensure that you have enough free space on the phone to hold all the footage. I lmed four full weddings on my iPhone 7 with 256 GB of storage in 2017 and it was enough space to hold all the footage.

6. Do we need to buy any additional gadgets?

No. I would strongly recommend however, using a Manfrotto compact monopod, a Joby GripTight One Mount and a portable charger power bank. Using the monopod will ensure stable footage and having the power bank will stop batteries running out.

7. How does the SelfieWed method work?

The SelfieWed Method is an instructional product that teaches your friends and family how to film your wedding using real examples from the hundreds of weddings Adrian has filmed – all of them edited into our 50 Key Moments.

8. What is included in the SelfieWed Method?

The SelfieWed method includes videos and PDF’s.

The PDF’s are:

Adrian’s Top 3 Filming Tip’s
Adrian’s 17 Golden Rules for Filming Weddings
Gadget Cheat Sheet
How to allocate Movie Makers
Phone Tech notes
Editing Template
50 Key Moments Checklist covering Civil, Church & Jewish weddings
50 Key Moments covering Civil, Church & Jewish weddings

The videos include:

Act 1 - Bridal Preparations: 14 mins
Act 1 - Groom Preparations: 7 mins
Act 2 - Church Ceremony: 13 mins
Act 2 - Civil Ceremony: 10 mins
Act 2 - Jewish Ceremony: 11 minss
Act 3 - The Party: 16mins

9. What happens if we get stuck with editing our footage?

We offer an editing option for £397. You can upload your footage to our Dropbox, or send it to us on a USB stick, and we will expertly edit your wedding lm for you to your choice of music. An application called Adobe Clip is now available, which is free for your phone and iPad. We include instructional videos on how to use the App, which is very user friendly. In addition to this, we also include an editing template, teaching you how we edit a wedding and how to select the shots.

10. How much time will it take to watch the 50 Key Moments films?

I have created two options: a condensed version and a extended version.

Condensed Version: Total 49 mins. Each moviemaker will need to watch around 25 min of footage – depending on their role.

Act 1: Bridal Preparations - 14 mins
Act 1: Groom Preparations - 7 min
Act 2: Church Ceremony - 13 mins
Act 2: Civil Ceremony - 10 mins
Act 2: Jewish Ceremony - 11 mins
Act 3: The Party - 16 mins

Extended Version: Total 2 hours, 45 minutes

Act 1: Bridal Preparations - 60 mins
Act 1: Groom Preparations - 34 mins
Act 2: Church Ceremony - 31 mins
Act 2: Civil Ceremony - 27 mins
Act 2: Jewish Ceremony - 48 mins
Act 3: The Party - 36 mins

11. What are the benefits of using the SelfieWed Method vs hiring a professional?

The majority of weddings are around 14 hours in length so most professionals tend to limit the time filming your event. Your moviemakers can take advantage of being there from the start of your day, to the very end.

There are 15 key moments in the bridal preparations and eight key moments in the groom’s preparations that most professional will miss.

The biggest difference between Sel eWed and a traditional wedding videographer, is the style of footage. A videographer will capture the beautiful imagery of your day, but it won’t be as personal or as fun as your friends’...with friends and family behind the camera phones, you’re wedding is captured through the eyes of the people who love you most! They are able to capture all of the fun and excitement behind the scenes, that would normally be missed.



12. Do you offer any support?

Yes. I offer unlimited email support and I can also offer training packages for your moviemakers either via a Skype session or at my of ce in Kew Gardens, West London.


ADRIAN STONE I 07815 831 371 I 6A Royal Parade, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 3QD I